Barbarian Prince

Crypto OG is a solitaire game of heroic adventure in a forgotten age of barbarism and sorcery.

Barbarian Prince

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Project Description

Crypto og is a crypto adaptation of a old school board games, all players that win the game will get 500 hundred pieces and their hero. Death its permanent, and all mint value its used to back the liquidity for the rewards. The first two days its minting time, on the third day game will begin, on the seven day all heros that coudlnt collect 500 houndred gold pieces will be burned. But they can claim a 10% of the collected gold.

How it's Made

We use a erc20 rewards token the liquidity supply is backed by users mint price.

The heroes are erc721 burnable, upon game restart all heroes in game will be burn using chainlink keepers. After game reeboot all players that loose can claim a 10% of its gold pieces gain. Also players can mint when game its running but ther will be applied a minting curve.

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