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Web3 influencer Ad marketplace with escrow payments and AA for influencers.


Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


👤 Biconomy — Best Consumer


🏊 Neon EVM — Pool Prize

Project Description

Our project combines an escrow smart-contract for ad payments in different EVM chains, and an AA for free gas interactions on the influencer side. The platform is designed to simplify ad booking with influencers (Twitter/Telegram) on any EVM chain for advertisers and enable free payment acceptance on the influencer side.

On one side, advertisers can:

  1. Choose suitable Web3 influencers with verified social media statistics.
  2. Choose a convenient blockchain for payment in USDC for ad promotion.
  3. Prepare ad content and requirements for the influencer.
  4. Pay for the ad and create a smart account for the influencer with gas fees.

On the other side, influencers can:

  1. Sign up and verify their social account.
  2. Accept ad orders without any gas fee payments.
  3. Complete ads with all requirements, submit them via smart-contract, and receive payments in USDC without any gas fees.

As a result, with AA, influencers can more easily sign up and complete ads on the platform. For advertisers, it is not a problem to pay for the influencer's gas fees. This implementation of a smart account helps more easily onboard influencers on the platform and receive payments for ads on any EVM blockchain.

How it's Made

Our project implements Account Abstraction with the main goal of reducing fee payments from the influencer side in the Web3 Ad marketplace. We have launched our solution on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Linea, and Polygon, and utilize Biconomy Paymaster and Bundler. Our backend is built with Typescript and NodeJS, and our frontend with ReactJS. Our implementation of Influencer's account follows ERC-4337.

How it works:

  1. Advertisers choose verified influencers on the platform, make bookings for Ads via Escrow smart-contracts, and create Smart Accounts bounded to influencer IDs on any suitable chain - Ethereum, Linea, or Polygon. Part of the Ad fees is transferred to B4B.

  2. Influencers receive the Ad orders on the platform and need to accept them via Smart Contracts. We use Biconomy Bundler to send UserOperations and Biconomy Paymaster to cover the gas fees of Influencers' transactions.

  3. Influencers complete the Ads and send links with the results via Smart Contracts without gas fees in the same way.

  4. Advertisers approve the Ads, and influencers receive payments in USDC from Escrow smart-contracts

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