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The marketplace that keeps track of your beats, connecting music producers and musicians


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Project Description

btrax is the instrumental marketplace and community of the future, a place where musicians can exchange sounds and create their own personalized beat stores. btrax was inspired by the needs of audio professionals to assist them in keeping their portfolios organized and transparent for them and their customers. Musicians can post or purchase full instrumental tracks and individual loops organized by genre, key, and bpm. Artists can share these sounds on the built in social network to reach other musicians and customers. Create your account and start selling and shopping for beats today!

How it's Made

The base for the whole functionality is Lens-protocol. Membership is handled through profiles, the uploaded beats are publications. The app itself has a Lens-protocol profile, which users are following when becoming a member. At the same time a membership NFT is created that stores additional data we can't store with Lens-protocol. This data is then parsed by a subgraph so we can search for it. The same with the publications. Lens-protocol doesn't offer the full handling we need for a publication, so we also listen to the creation event and parse it with a subgraph. Both of these subgraphs then allow us to comfortably search through our followers and publications they created. Files are all stored on IPFS - Moralis right now, but this will be changed to very soon. We also started to implement lit-protocol to enable secure exchange of beats between two parties. The testing is done, but time ran out to have it on accessible on the front-end.

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