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B-Commerce - Web3 + L2 Retail Solutions

Decentralized Shopify using L2+Web3 for payments, storage, API, and digital ID

B-Commerce - Web3 + L2 Retail Solutions

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

For this hackathon, we recreated a shopify-like storefront experience, while replacing back-end services with decentralized/stateless/blockchain infrastructure. Key characteristics and functions will include:

  • Importing inventory information from Shopify
  • Storing data on SKALE Storage and/or IPFS
  • Allow users to connect their digital identity, rather than collect user data
  • Check-out using an ETH-based Stablecoin, ETH, or SKL

There will be two distinct user experiences, the retailer, and the consumer.

Key Demo Points

-Migrate Shopify Inventory + Assets to Web3 -Blockchain Listening Service as API between Web3 Services, e.g. posting orders for fulfillment -Decentralized Hosting + Serving of Assets (ENS, SKALE, IPFS/Arweave) -Connect + manage storefront through cryptographic address -Connect + manage buyer profile through cryptographic address -Crypto-first check out

  • On-ramp users easily to a SKALE chain


-Dropship Integrations -Inventory Management -Advertising Support -Discounts -Analytics -Security -Shipping -Shopping Cart

How it's Made

Digital currencies hope to see widespread adoption in e-commerce experiences, but have been limited by poor user experience, prohibitive network fees, and few additional benefits compared to existing payment methods. With emerging Web3 technologies, such as SKALE, ENS, and Tor.Us, many of these challenges can be addressed. It is our opinion that additional benefits, such as privacy, security, and independence from 3rd parties can be provided, to encourage consumer adoption.

We believe this begins with using Ethereum/Skale's cryptographic-based addressing as the root identity, and not location (IP) or device (cookie)-based identity, for all web services, not just blockchain. This allows us to more natively use other features of Web3, such as crypto payments, basic virtualization (EVM), Content-ID based file storage, and decentralized services like ENS and UnstoppableDomains.



-Wallet: Metamask, WalletConnect

-Additional Storage: Arweave/IPFS/FileCoin


-ENS (incomplete)

-Decentralized Hosting: Unstoppable / Fleek (incomplete)

Data Storage

-SKALE on-chain Storage

-IPFS/FileCoin/Arweave, as appropriate

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