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Aztec Interactive NFTs by Zenbit

Experimental blockchain game playable with interactive crypto-collectibles (NFTs) running on ethereum.

Aztec Interactive NFTs by Zenbit

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Project Description

Aztec is a point-and-click game where players use digital collectible assets (NFTs) to make puzzle-solving interactions and get crypto rewards. There are 7 already minted NFTs that not only can be bought or sold but also have a specific function inside the game: Use the boots NFT to walk, the torch to burn, a machete to attack or a treasure to claim tokens. These actions are only triggerable when the corresponding NFT is detected on the player's wallet. Players must complete the puzzles and tasks in order to beat the game and get all the rewards hidden inside the game.

How it's Made

This project is built mainly with React, Metamask and IPFS integrations to fetch the Aztec NFTs information from the user's wallet and make them usable on the dapp. We are considering using Next.js as our application server since our Dapp is becoming richer and richer in features.

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