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Your Assets Your Chain Your NFT Your Preference, next time save your preferences before receiving assets


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🏊‍♀️ Mantle — Build on Mantle


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

Its really painful to let users send assets and NFTS/POAP's to your unwanted/unpreferred address as well as network. How about a wallet that lets you set your preferences (your asset choice (USDT/USDC/...) and your chain on which you would like to recieve your assets and your secondary addressess. Along with this the users will have support to send the assets and NFTs from their desired change and using axelar to bridge the assets towards the reciever's desired chain. Its really hard to manage all the NFTs, SBTs, POAPs which you receive it on several chains and several address. You would have remember every time when someone sends you an NFT and note down the chain as well as the address on which you received it

How it's Made

Its made using scaffold eth and axelar while the contracts are deployed on various chains like polygon scroll mantle etc, on the front end we have used nextjs and typescript along with libraries like wagmi, viem etc for wallet connectivity. Axelar's core smart contract allows bridging of NFTs and other assets to the receiver's preferred chain

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