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Marketplace where developers can upload their saas products and get paid for usage all on chain! using zk we have abstracted the tedious process of client approvals and are ensuring quick and easy service utilisation


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ETHGlobal Tokyo

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📜 Scroll — Just Deploy


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize

Project Description

Axel is a marketplace where developers can list their SaaS products that can be used by the community. this ensures that no one pays extra for the service and the developer gets a fair share. the entire project is on chain and all payments are controlled by smart contracts

this project uses sismo to ensure zk sign on the also takes care of the reputation of a person in a community. this ensures no bad actors. SISMO APP ID - 0xc7b905501592af8bdd512a91bf0a6ca1 then this dapp allows you to list your saas that others can use and all this information is on chain using polygon mumbai testnet. and the payments are streamed for as long as a user actually uses that service using superfluid. finally all deployments have been done using bunnz and we have a quick action suite set up on scroll

How it's Made

we use the following features-

  1. Sismo - Sismo Connect - we use sismo connect for ZK Sign up and connecting approved users to the dapp
  2. scroll - we have deployed the smart contract on scroll to ensure smooth onboarding and end to end zk functionality in a fast fashion
  3. polygon - we have deployed the smart contract on polygon for all major functionalities and adding the products and SaaS tools that devs make
  4. bunzz was used for deployment
  5. Superfluid was used to ensure that as a user uses a dapp, they only pay for the amount of time they spend using it .
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