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Autonomous World ID

Integrate game identities with zkp and show off your skills with attestation

Autonomous World ID

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ETHGlobal Waterloo

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🥉 The Graph — Best Use of Existing Subgraph

Project Description

💻What We Made

This Project is an application that allows all gaming enthusiasts to autonomously compute and manage their gaming rates both on and off chain with smart contracts using a decentralized ID generated privately with zero-knowledge proof.

🧠Why We Made it

Self-sovereign, portable, and private identity is a current theme in the Ethereum Ecosystem, and ZK Identity has potential, especially from the aspect of privacy. We redefine the problem in the spread of ZK Identity as the lack of "fun" in the act of growing the Identity itself, not simply the fact that the Identity is usable.

For example

  • Protocols, like ENS and zkPass, while highly scalable, do not provide an enjoyable experience on their own
  • platforms such as just Quest, which collects NFT/SBT Badges, force users to perform tedious tasks that are extrinsically motivated by Airdrop
  • Twitter Alternatives has not been able to move beyond the existing social networking experience at the application layer and is struggling to scale, with a strong incentive to prioritize Web2 Social, which ultimately has a larger audience. Given the above, we believe that a completely different use case needs to be developed, and we turned our attention first to rates in the gaming world, where there is a clear intrinsic motivation to prove one's strength.

👯‍♀️How it works

  1. Users generate Autonomous World IDs (AWIDs) confidentially using Sismo Connect
  2. Users can selectively disclose EOAs to be integrated into the AWID
  3. Users can calculate rates per game played for all games logged in by the selected EOA (rate calculations are autonomous and open, so they can be trusted)
  4. Users can check their own rate changes and publish their own profile with integrated rates

💭Future Works

  • Phase1:Expansion of functions for gamers(tokenization of rating logic, automatic matching function based on rates, user group creation and chat using rates, etc...)
  • Phase2:Expansion into non-game areas(Social, DeFi, etc...)
  • Phase3:Independent development of an identity protocol that can be extended to Layer 2 or Contract Wallet

How it's Made

We'll walk through the above description and cover the technologies used at each interaction with Autonomous World ID.

🎮Generating Identity:

Novelty to selectively integrate multiple game accounts with full encryption.

  1. create proof of ownership of an EOA in Sismo Connect.
  2. select which EOAs to publish from the list of EOAs in the Sismo Vault and choose Mumbai(Polygon) or Linea(Metamask) for the network
  3. encrypt the EOA and its associated Zk Proof, signature, etc. using the Lit Protocol. Store the encrypted data in IPFS.
  4. the AWID owner and third parties can view the data only if they have access rights based on the on-chain contract information
  5. retrieve game play information associated with the EOA list


The novelty lies in the fact that the relationship between game and rating has changed from 1:1 to N:N by implementing the game and rating logic in a smart contract.

  1. someone deploys the RatingLogic (Contract) on an EVM compatible chain
  2. the rating logic is automatically added to RatingLogicDB
  3. game developers can call multiple rating logics by implementing RatingUpdaterContract in their games
  4. AWID users can update their ratings each time they play a game with RatingUpdaterContract implemented
  5. Rate information is stored in EAS(Ethereum Attestation Service)
  6. The Graph allows users to view a time-series of rate information.
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