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Microgrant for trustless distribution in Hackathon, secured by offchain digital ratings


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Project Description

Demo Url: Automicrogrant serves as the solution to a trustless Onchain microgrant for hackathon or public good projects.

There are two parts on the projects:

  1. Offchain rating system: We will develop an offchain rating system based on different web2 or web3 credentials. This rating can be adopted to the judges in a hackathon or the board members in a DAO like Public Good Network. Users assign an individual a reputation score based on other users’ attestations of their interactions with that individual. The ratings can provide transparency to the whole network, and a more user-friendly interface in viewing the record of the attestor in the EAS network.

  2. SmartContract as PaymentSplitter to distribute funds: In the We will require attestations from attestors with sufficient scorings before we execute the distribution of funds. Also in the Smart Contract we will add some community-decided rules. The SmartContract will utilise

Once we receive submissions from wallets with attestation evidence on the EAS, the SmartContract will verify the authenticity of the evidence in the EAS chain. When the submission fulfills all the criteria, the SmartContract will execute the transfer of funds automatically to the designated wallets from by submitters. This shall reduce the inefficiency in the ordinary flow of a usual hackathon.

Other adoptions:

  1. DAO: Public good projects for airdropping tokens to qualified participants
  2. Education certification: Completion of certain courses/work to get accreditations on skills and recognitions.

How it's Made

We utilise Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) to provide the evidence for the consumption by the SmartContract.

The SmartContract is hosted in the Optimism blockchain. We endorse a PaymentSplitter to do the fund division among a group of accounts. The SmartContract will only execute upon the receipt of the attestation evidence provided by our offchain rating system.

As a bonus, in our offchain rating system, we can also adopt the WorldID and API provided by ZORA network for the proof of ownership of prestigious NFT.

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