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AuctioneerX is a Duction Auction Dapp but bids are now streamed.


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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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Project Description

AuctioneerX is a Duction Auction Dapp that uses Superfluid Money streams for Bidding and highest bidder wins the asset under auction, Interactions can be done via the frontend and/or via any Frame Client (Compatible with Open Frame Standard).

Auction Creator can settle the auction and the highest streamer will automatically be chosen, asset will be transferred to the highest bidder and the streamed money will go towards the auction creator.

How it's Made

The Project basically interacts with 2 contracts deployed on Polygon Mumbai and a set of Superfluid Contracts.

Auctioneer first should create an auction for an asset they own via the frontend, then. that auction link can be freely shared across as a Frame (optionally users can bid via frontend as well)

Uses Superfluid Money Streams, The bidders can bid via a frame to any auction, start a money stream to the. auction.

Uses The Graph Network Superfluid Subgraph to fetch stream information to pick the highest bidder.

On picking the winner, settlement happens and the assets are transferred between the parties

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