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Auctioneer Frame

NFT Auctions in Frames! Sell with increased reach over all your channels!

Auctioneer Frame

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Project Description

Want better reach for your NFT Auction? Or know a group who'll die-hard for your token?

Auctioneer Frames brings NFT Auctions to your Farcaster client using Frames! The Frames protocol allows you to embed the auction in any client and share it with anyone you want. So that your followers and your like-minded peer groups can easily be notified about your token sale.

The NFT is held in an escrow for the duration of the auction, while bidders can come and bid for the NFT. Their tokens also get locked in that escrow. After the auction is over, the escrow releases the funds and the tokens, depending on the auction status and the bidders. All this happens inside the Frame and needs no external redirects.

How it's Made

The projects uses framers.js to build the Frames. An interesting thing we did was to bypass the dynamic image size limit in frames.js by having a static image url which would actually be dynamic behind the scenes so that we can have even larger dynamic images.

Along with this, we made the project XMTP and Open Frames compatible. We used Pinata Analytics to show metrics about the number of spectators and bidders so that interested bidders can better decide their bids and strategies.

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