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Atticc is a crypto native social media for crypto native communities. Atticc returns ownership of identity, data and monetisation to communities and users themselves.


Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ POAP — Pool Prize


3️⃣5️⃣ IPFS/Filecoin — Storage Mage

Project Description

For HackFS we built a decentralised Twitter, which is the first step of our vision to build the best crypto native social media for crypto native communities.

Atticc has the basic functionalities of Twitter, but purpose built for on-chain identities, using decentralised technologies.

Ethereum users on Atticc can

  1. Check their personal profile which includes social connections, links to Twitter, Opensea and Etherscan, NFT, POAPs, OATs, and Tokens.
  2. Chat with mutually followed friends powered by XMTP.
  3. Write posts including photos which is stored on IPFS.
  4. Connect with people on the decentralised social graph CyberConnect which uses Ceramic.
  5. Read content posted by other users.
  6. Check the profile of any Ethereum wallet address.
  7. Our landing page showcases people who made the most contribution to the Atticc app.

How it's Made

The technologies we used include IPFS for social media content storage, XMTP for chat between mutually followed friends, CyberConnect which is a decentralised social graph on Ceramic, and display of POAPs for every Ethereum wallet address. In addition, we utilised APIs to display NFTs, POAPs, OATs and Tokens owned for every address. The sponsor technologies are great at what they do. We were able to take advantage of their composability and combine them together to provide a great product to our users. For example, we used CyberConnect social graph as a filter to connect users who are then able to chat through XMTP. We also used Web3.Storage for storing social media content, combined with CyberConnect on Ceramic we essentially built a decentralised Twitter. By utilising multiple sponsor technologies in a user-friendly way, we were able to built a compelling social media alternative in just two weeks.

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