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Attestation Paymaster

A custom paymaster that pays for the gas fees, if the UserOperation sender has a particular attestation

Attestation Paymaster

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Project Description

This project combines the power of Ethereum Attestation Service, with the agility of a paymaster. Users should be able to get attested for certain schemas, and thereby ensure their gas fees to be paid by the attester.

This unlocks use cases like:

  1. Instead of ESOPs, web3 organisations can opt to pay for the on-chain transactions of their employees. All they would need to do is attest that each of their employees against a schema, and deploy this custom paymaster.

  2. Booths at hackathons can promote their products by sponsoring gas-fee payments for first 100 people visiting their booth. This would encourage more turn out at booths.

How it's Made

I have used the eth-infinitism repo to deploy a local entry point, factory account contract and a bundler, while inheriting the BasePaymaster contract to create my own paymaster. For testing, I have made use of Trampoline by eth-infinitism.

For the frontend, I have used Next.js along with ethers (5.7.2)

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