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Attest Your Savings

Attest about your savings in a safe account on multiple chains

Attest Your Savings

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Project Description

Attest your smart account safe with transactions that say you sent payment for future savings. Using EAS (Ethereum Attestation Service) and Safe-Global SDK. We use safes to allow multiple users or account holders to control their assets together. User can create safes easily which allows them to begin creating saving accounts on multiple chains. Greate Abstractions! The goal of this project is to aggregate safe accounts and allow users to attest to their saving habits.

How it's Made

We demostrated with a safe deployed to Base Goerli, but it is the same process with other Op-Stack chains Base, Zora, Optimism, Mode etc. Once your safe is created in base or other chains, you can executed transactions to and from your safe if you are one of it's owners. Example can be sending wei to a different address from your safe or to another safe. It's fun to save and not worry about losing access to your wallet private keys. The safe SDK allows you to create multiple transactions and sign them. You can create transaction for others to reject if they are part of the owners of the safe. Also, we add authenticity and incentives by creating a schema to attest out transaction to and from our safe.

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