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Atropos is an automated escrow contract that reacts to off-chain events with on-chain actions


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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

We present Atropos, a smart agreement framework between freelancer and job provider. Atropos agreements will be set up on-chain under the consent of both parties, keep monitoring the off-chain development progress and react to a pre-set event.

Atropos serves two main function:

One is escrow, in order to guarantee the freelancers reward, job provider has to pre-deposit corresponding amount into the Atropos agreement contract. To maximize the cap efficiency, we allow job provider deposit cToken, aToken, yToken and other interest generating tokens. These pre-deposit money will be transferred to freelancer or job provider under the pre-set term in the agreement.

The other is automation, we are trying to provide a standard workflow for users to initiate an Atropos agreement by allowing user define off-chain data source, trigger condition and execution logic. The pre-set terms will be monitored by chainlink keepers, when the condition is filled, keepers will trigger the pre-deployed smart contract execution, say if the freelancer's work been merged by job provider before ddl, the milestone closed, the Atropos agreement will transfer the corresponding amount of tokens to freelancer's address automatically. Once the trigger condition and execution logic which is the BOT smart contract is set, the logic will inevitably execute under the given condition.

Atropos agreement framework including smart contract, front end interface and upkeep contract in chainlink network.

How it's Made

Atropos gains access to off-chain data using Chainlink's Any API oracles and automatically pulls off-chain data at a set interval using Chainlink Keepers. The Atropos smart contract is also EIP2771 compliant, meaning it supports Biconomy and thus we are able to pre-pay gas fees for our users.

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