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Asset Zoo

Application that allows anyone to invest in a predefined portfolio of cryptos (like an ETF) quickly and easily.

Asset Zoo

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Road to Web3

Project Description

This project helps people to easily invest in the crypto market providing a portfolio where the users' ETH will be automatically allocated. It takes advantage of QuickSwap, a DEX on polygon with extremely low fees and very fast. In the future I want to add some social features to give more visibility to small crypto projects

How it's Made

The project is made with React and web3.js. It uses QuickSwap based on the polygon to exchange the tokens in a pre-defined allocation. It fetches the data with the graph and uses it to determine the current allocation of the funds. It was my first blockchain project and I did it on my own, it does not work as intended, I was almost there :) I did not record a video as it was not working

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