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Artsy Wave

NFT Multi Level Marketing protocol that promotes creativity.

Artsy Wave

Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


📜 Scroll — Just Deploy


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


🏊 Mina — Pool Prize

Project Description

The smart contract would be built on a blockchain platform and would be programmed to automatically transfer the NFT from the current owner to the buyer upon receipt of payment. The payment would be divided into two parts: the purchase price and the 5% royalty payment for the original author. The contract would ensure that the 5% payment is automatically transferred to the original author's digital wallet each time the NFT is sold or transferred to a new owner. This would provide a recurring source of income for the author, even after they have sold the NFT.

How it's Made

Scroll ZKP chain to deploy the MLM NFT smart contract, which provides a loyalty mechanism to original creators and past buyers. Use Livepeer for implementing the token-gated video in that the creator streams their art-making process. When a purchase happens, the video will be automatically transferred to the new NFT owner. I use IPSF/(FVM) for video storage and Polygon to record it on-chain.

I also create the social aspect of the platform, where non-buyers can also collect the NFT for a small fee, and the profit will be stacked to the creator pool and NFT owner pool. When the pool gets> 0.5ETH or after a year, they are able to withdraw tokens from the pool.

ZKSnarkyJS to tracking and backup, in case Scroll or other main chain fails. It's a different approach of ZK, to make sure the system is sustainable.

ZKP, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Solidity, IPFS, Polygon, Scroll, ZKSnarkyJS, Lens Collection.

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