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A social app that allows you to create AI art, mint it, and show it off!


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Valist — Pool Prize

Project Description

We created a DApp that uses the Replicate API with the Stable Diffusion AI model to create original art using a text prompt. Once you are happy with your art, you can pin it to IPFS and Filecoin using Web3.Storage and mint it to the Polygon Blockchain as an NFT. All images created get pinned to IPFS and only the ones you mint make it into the collection. You can also create a social profile, and show off the NFTs you own and create. The website is hosted on Unstoppable at https://nucleargeek.nft/ in addition to traditional DNS web hosting at While this is a simple website, it has the ability to offer many different services through our API.

How it's Made

In addition to Github, we also hosted our code on Valist at Our website is functional on Unstoppable Domains, traditional DNS along with several IPFS locations. Our front end is built in React and our backend is in Python. When you connect your wallet to our website we display your ENS profile picture. If you do not have a wallet, you can still use our website to create art and if you want to immortalize your art on the blockchain then you can follow the instructions in our modal to create a new wallet. The front end of our website uses custom art created by MzLady along with Tailwind CSS and Responsive design. In addition to our main Hero component, we also built several components for expansion like a NFT gallery, profile pages, and profile editing. We use AXIOS for our API calls to our backend server to display information, create and retrieve profile data, create images and pin images and metadata to IPFS. All data that is created like images or metadata uses file-like objects in Python so no data has to be created or stored locally. An interesting side-effect is on PC, you cannot simply right-click save our NFTs since PCs do not have the codec for our image files by default. Our Python server is built in Flask and scaled up with Gunicorn and NGINX running on our VPS. We have a security certificate to ensure no CORS issues and mobile compatibility on MetaMask web browser. All of our heavy lifting is done on the backend in Python so we can control minting functions, web3 API calls, and offer additional AI services. Others could subscribe to our services using an API key and build their own front end using our platform. You can test one of our open API endpoints here: We have plans to build this out more after the hackathon, but everything is currently functional.

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