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Bridging the gap between NFTs and the traditional art world.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

We want to bring NFT art to the physical world! Through market validation, we find out that art galleries and traditional art collectors are very interested in exploring Blockchain technologies and NFTs. The problem is they don’t have the know-how or the expertise, while existing tools are too complicated for them to dive deep into the world of digital art.

We want to support Art galleries, artists and art collectors by creating a platform that will provide the necessary tools to:

Art galleries / Curators Will be able to source NFTs artists by different parameters. Art Galleries don’t know how to reach out to NFTs artists Connect with Artists and create partnerships by defining royalties and other parameters. Similar to what they are already doing with traditional artists but with the possibility to work with artists around the world. Publish the NFTs of their partner artists in Marketplaces embedded in their website. We want to help the Art Galleries to create their own marketplace that will be embedded in their website. We don’t want to be a B2C marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. We will provide the tools so our customers can create their own marketplace and do the heavy lifting of selling the NFTs. Create VR NFT exhibitions. NFTs are digital artwork and should be presented in the virtual world. That's how we connect Art galleries to a new generation of art collectors. Millennials and Get Z. One of the biggest problems galleries and traditional artists are having is that they cannot reach out to Millennials and Get Z. Quarantine BOOSTED VR exhibitions. Support the selling of the NFTs; Fiat, crypto, etc. We are talking with NFT framing Startups to partner up with them and offer framed NFTs.

Artists Publish their artwork and connect with Art Galleries / Curators who are interested in selling their NFTs. NFts artists are not exposed to Art Galleries or traditional art collectors Mint the NFT, define royalty fees. We want to be a one shop all platform. We want the artists to be able to define royalty fees and special attributes like acmes to private content, access to VR exhibitions or even tickets to art galleries. Publish their art in VR exhibitions created by the art galleries. NFTs will be displayed in the virtual world. Be exposed to art collectors though the art galleries.

Art Collectors We want to support them through the whole purchasing cycle. We are still defining how we are going to do it but maybe we can partner with Digital Asset platforms so they can manage everything for the art collector. Be able to source NFT artists We want to educate Art collectors on NFTs from a financial perspective - investment.

The Platform A very user-friendly platform that will allow artists to mint their digital art on the ETH and store it on IFPS (NFT Storage); Curators will sell those NFTs online (embedded marketplaces) / physical gallery (NFT Exhibition) or in the virtual world (virtual gallery); all supported by out technology. The artist will define the royalties fees and some special attributes like for example private content or VR access to exhibition (we want to add utility to the NFTs). Once the NFT is submitted, the curators will be able to select which NFTs they want to sell / who they want to work with (NFT artists) and we will support them in the selling process.

How it's Made

Front end: Vue, Django

Back end / API: Python, Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, WebGL

Minting: IPFS, NFT Storage, ABI Metamask, Ether.js


We find all the documentation online and used a GitHub repo as the foundation of our minting process. For the minting part, we embedded inside our website functionality that allows the artist to mint an NFT directly from the UI. By simply uploading a file to our database, the artist has the possibility afterward to mint its NFT using IPFS and NFT storage and transact with the blockchain with its Metamask account. We also played with a VR library to being able to showcase the NFT in a virtual environment. The idea es to use VR for 2 purpose: virtual exhibition and to showcase the NF in a virtual environment so the art collector can see how it would look like in real life (framed NFT)

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