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Tradable Decentralised Gaming IDs platform to hold game assets & Trade DIDs or Characters


Created At

HackFS 2023

Winner of


🔥 Lit — Best use of Lit Actions and PKP

Project Description

Ark is an on chain DID infrastructure , that allows user to login to all the game with just with single ID , hold their game assets and also trade them on the marketplace . Your DIDs can be sold and bought on the marketplace directly , which also allows the gamer to have monetary incentive and induldge much more in the game .

Our platform track all the games you play , Buy Game licenses, Hold the in-game assets , maintain Ark Stats like XP level , Challenges completed and trophies earned. We also have a tier based system , like Silver -> Platinum , offering perks to the gamers.

This whole Gaming Identity created on-chain will be tradable because of ERC6551 infra use. It allows for an ARK id to hold an smart contract account containing all of these assets and game progress

How it's Made

We have spent timeless hours to create this whole gaming DID infrastructure to streamline and improve the onboarding UI /UX to the games with just a single ID .

Lit PKPs and Actions were used to do a walletless onboarding and abstracting away the idea of an account , by using Google AUTH for the same . PKPs are minted and generated in the background via Lit Relay Server . Then we use PKPs as wallet to process the transactions . Also Lit Actions are used with AUth using the PKPs too.

Polybase was used to store all the Data like ArkRecords , Games , Challenges and other stats using the Polybase explorer , studio and the SDK}

Frontend was built using Next.js , Tailwind and other design libraries . We used other SDKs like viem and wagmi to facilitate wallet and blockchain connections.

Contracts were built using Solidity and hardhat , tested and deployed currently on the polyon Mumbai testnet .

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