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Tokenized Insurance Risk Products that help protect people while earning uncorrelated and high returns


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

Archipelago lets users earn attractive yields with their stablecoins or digital assets while also helping to protect people from natural catastrophes such as Hurricanes, Tsunamis and Earthquakes. We want to build a fairer, easy and decentralized way of keeping our planet safe.

Users can invest in risk pools which are used to write insurance policies for individuals and companies with a need for insurance. Due to the fast, transparent, and reliable nature of web3, people can count on fast payouts either based on pre-disaster predictions or soon after the event.

What's even more revolutionary though is how Archipelago protects people from natural disasters. Not only can people directly buy low, cost affordable protection from catastrophes but also directly access financial support from bodies like UNICEF. They can access the platform to view and approve requests to cover premium costs to allocate humanitarian resources much more effectively.

How it's Made

The project uses an ERC4626 interface (TokenizedVaultFactory.sol) to spin up investment vaults that users can invest into. Insurance seeks can seek cover by creating new policies in the insurancePolicyContract.sol defining custom parameters to tailor their coverage. The application is deployed on Mantle, Linea and Scroll.

The frontend is build in next.js and uses wagmi for web3 integration.

Goerli TokenizedVaultFactory: 0xe5FAEC635BD8b313fB37283047537BEB9978AC15 InsurancePoliciesContract: 0xb647C1907C71E7BB467943e1A1C50DB2C06D2af9

Mantle TokenizedVaultFactory: 0xCe8aeCF9C1Af89541D398a17C8c51E2D05671028 InsurancePoliciesContract: 0x91C7F18E4255Da98a484f056A8724E5a74420C0C

Linea TokenizedVaultFactory: 0x220f0C96B97800ECf4Ec1232752C68D11E7da906 InsurancePoliciesContract: 0xCDa00e85CAF18a16fdC8F2543FEbD9a252CF6B1C

Scroll TokenizedVaultFactory: 0xCDa00e85CAF18a16fdC8F2543FEbD9a252CF6B1C InsurancePoliciesContract: 0xF245F6a0D44e483D21F1Da545d60A3C756509249

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