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Arbora is a platform designed to simplify the management of NFTs owning a token-bound account (ERC 6551). Users can perform smart contract operations on them (transfer, merging) and visualize a tree structure of the NFT’s relationships.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🥇 Airstack — Best Use

Project Description

Arbora is an application that simplifies the management of NFTs owning a token bound account (ERC 6551).

Within the platform, users gain a unique visual perspective of the intricate relationships between their ERC 6551 NFTs. The application allows them to explore a tree-like structure, revealing how an NFT owns other NFTs inside its token-bound account, and how these NFTs, in turn, own more NFTs, creating a comprehensive view of the assets controlled by the primary ERC 6551 NFT.

The platform offers additional functionalities to enhance the user experience:

  1. Transfer: While connected to the platform, users can easily transfer ownership of their ERC 6551 NFTs to another address, effectively passing control of the assets owned by the NFT.
  2. Merging: Users can combine multiple high-level ERC 6551 NFTs into a newly created ERC 6551 NFT, streamlining the management of their assets within the newly created token-bound account.

The primary goal of Arbora was to revolutionize supply chain traceability by leveraging ERC 6551 token-bound accounts. By tokenizing each technical piece of a product into an NFT and linking these pieces to the token-bound account of the new component's NFT when assembled, the platform ensures a comprehensive record of the components used in each product. This way, users can easily visualize the full nomenclature of the final product, boosting transparency and traceability in manufacturing processes.

Besides this primary goal, the platform can also be used for the overall management of ERC 6551 token-bound accounts, such as for games where NFTs own other in-game assets inside them or other use cases.

How it's Made

The Arbora frontend is built using Next.js and Material-UI, comprising two essential parts:

  1. Homepage and User Interaction: The homepage uses the Web3Modal from the WalletConnect SDK, allowing users to seamlessly connect to the platform. Once connected, an Airstack query is utilized to retrieve all the ERC 6551 NFTs owned by the user. In this section, users can also interact with smart contracts to execute the transfer and merge operations mentioned earlier.
  2. ERC 6551 Visualizer: The second part of our application presents a comprehensive ERC 6551 visualizer. Leveraging another Airstack query, it gathers all NFTs owned and controlled by a top-level ERC 6551 NFT. To create the tree structure and graph, we rely on a React library called React Flow. This library allows effortless dragging of components within the canvas, enabling users to customize their visualizations.

Behind the scenes, the project utilizes the Tokenbound’s implementation of ERC 6551, with the Public Registrar contract facilitating the link between NFTs and token-bound accounts. Our smart contracts are deployed on the Polygon mainnet.

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