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Arbitrum Polling

SimplePoll manages poll creation, voting, and tallying. It enforces a minimum contribution for voting, thus, poll creators can earn.

Arbitrum Polling

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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

The SimplePoll project was built using Solidity to create polls, manage votes, and determine winners on the Arbitrum blockchain. SimplePoll project demonstrates the capabilities of Solidity Smart contracts in managing polls, collecting votes, and selecting winners in a decentralized and transparent manner on the Arbitrum blockchain.

How it's Made

Key components include:

  • Solidity Smart Contract: Manages poll creation, voting, and tallying.
  • State Management: Uses an enum to track poll states (Created, Voting, Ended).
  • Events: Emit events for transparency and tracking actions like poll creation and voting.
  • Minimum Vote Amount: Enforces a minimum contribution for voting.
  • Security Measures: Modifiers restrict access based on roles and poll states. Winners Determination: Determines winners based on highest votes, handling ties. No partner technologies were used, focusing on simplicity, security, and efficiency within Solidity's capabilities for blockchain-based voting systems.
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