Arbitrage between V2 and V3

Finding the arbitrage opportunity between V2 and V3 protocol with flashswap execution

Arbitrage between V2 and V3

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Project Description

During this hackathon, I learned uniswap V3 protocol. (so far i have only known V2 spec. ) Developing the tool to find the arbitrage opportunity will be good learning exercise to use both version of protocol and compare, because two protocol has different interface to fetch the price respectively

How it's Made

Create simple price fetch script on ETH/BAT. For uniswap v2, call smart contract through etherjs directly. On Uniswap V3, this way does not work.(Bug of Quoter contract?)So...looking for another way, maybe call from SDK. I also tried to implement flashloan when tool find arbitrage opportunities, but I did not have time to complete it.

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