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Aquatic Wars

Aquatic Wars is 100% on-chain, dynamic, NFT multiplayer game.

Aquatic Wars

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Project Description

Aquatic Wars is 100% on-chain, dynamic, NFT game.

The goal of the game is simple: become the biggest fish in the ocean.

Eat other fish, extend your protective bubble and give your fish steroids to become the biggest fish on the ocean.

Aquatic Wars is live on the Polygon Network: !

How it's Made

The back-end and smart contracts are built using Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, SVGs, and IPFS.

The front-end is built using React.js, Web3.js, Node.js.

All Aquatic Wars game data is stored in a decentralized way, the backend is stored directly on the blockchain (Polygon) as well as the frontend and UI that are stored on IPFS.

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