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Create a pixel-perfect Web 3.0 blog, store, or app. Drag and drop elements to create an unstoppable website with no code.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

This is a drag-and-drop website builder for decentralized websites. You can publish to your blockchain domain (.eth, .crypto, etc.) all within the app. You can also just save a copy of the folder and upload it yourself, or save an unpublished copy to Protocol Labs' "". The output is a tiny, minified, and performant static site, with auto-generated files you can configure, such as sitemaps and RSS feeds (these features are currently WIP). You can upload files like images, video, and audio from your own computer and add it to your site. You can add custom code if you want, but the point of the app is to intuitively build an unstoppable website without any code. NOTE: I messed some part of the dragging system up recently, so please don't try to build your own site just yet, because it might be frustrating. I will fix it soon.

How it's Made

The app is front-end only, and needs no central server. It can run on a decentralized, censorship-resistant site itself! It's built with Svelte and SCSS, mostly. As for sponsor-related tech, I used for almost everything (saving, publishing, and file uploading), in addition to "vanilla" IPFS, and some libraries from ENS & UD.

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