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🏺 Trade rare antiques like never before! Our unique marketplace connects verified sellers and buyers, offering secure transactions and dispute resolution. Discover treasures with confidence! 🌟


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Project Description

Project Overview: Peer-to-Peer Antique Marketplace with Integrated Identity System

Our project aims to create an innovative and secure peer-to-peer marketplace for antique enthusiasts where they can trade antique items with confidence. The platform focuses on enhancing user identity verification, building a credit-based credibility system, and utilizing blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and accountability in transactions.

Key Features:

  1. Antique Marketplace:

    • Our platform serves as a virtual marketplace where users can list and discover a diverse range of antique items.
  2. Integrated Identity System:

    • WorldID is implemented to provide a robust identity verification system. This ensures that every user's identity is verified and linked to their trades, increasing overall trust and transparency.
  3. Credit-Based User System:

    • To further enhance user trustworthiness, we've introduced a credit-based system. Users earn credibility points based on successful transactions. This system helps identify reliable traders within the community.
  4. NFT-based Product Listings:

    • Each antique item listed on the marketplace is represented as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This NFT serves as a unique digital certificate of authenticity, ensuring that every product's history and ownership are transparent and immutable.
  5. Secure Escrow Mechanism:

    • When a buyer selects an antique item, they submit funds to a secure smart contract. The funds are held in escrow until the buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction with the product. This minimizes the risk of fraud and promotes safe transactions.
  6. Dispute Resolution with Human Mediation:

    • In cases of disputes, our platform employs a unique approach. Anyone can review the evidence provided by both parties through video conferencing and other documented proofs. The mediator's decision is binding and rewards credibility points for their impartial role.

Our project combines the fascination of antique collecting with cutting-edge technology to create a marketplace that prioritizes authenticity, security, and transparency. We believe this approach will redefine how antique items are traded and revolutionize the peer-to-peer marketplace experience.

How it's Made

Smart Contracts on Optimism: The marketplace's core logic is implemented using Solidity smart contracts, deployed on the Optimism layer-2 scaling solution. These contracts handle listing, purchasing, ownership, and credibility.

Identity Verification: WorldCoin ID is integrated to verify user identities and validate proofs for actions, boosting trust in the marketplace.

Frontend with Next.js: The frontend is built with Next.js for a seamless user experience with wagmi to connect.

Enhanced UI: You use RainbowKit and TailwindCSS to enrich your UI with components, theming, and user authentication.

NFT Metadata Storage: NFT metadata is stored off-chain using, reducing gas costs while maintaining NFT authenticity.

Dispute Resolution: Huddle01 enables video conferencing for dispute resolution, involving a mediator who reviews evidence and makes fair decisions.

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