Ante Finance

Empowering protocols to create incentivized on-chain smart tests for fundamental invariants

Ante Finance

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Ante Finance empowers DeFi protocols and their users to write incentivized on-chain tests that verify a protocol's fundamental invariants (for example, for an over-collateralized lending platform, that collateral exceeds debt by the required percentage).

Ante Tests are programmatically deployed and immutable. An Ante Pool is generated to allow users to put capital in either staking or challenging pools. "Stakers" are those who believe that the protocol invariant will hold and "challengers" are those who believe that the protocol invariant may fail (due to smart contract exploit, vulnerability, etc.). Stakers are rewarded through a stream of yield, taken from a block-by-block decay of the challenger pool. Challengers may receive a reward of the entire staker pool if the Ante Test returns a failed invariant at any time.

How it's Made

We used Hardhat to help build out and test the contracts. We initially hacked its ExampleUI to formulate and verify our methodology. Once we had a good grasp of what was needed from there, we created a new standalone frontend using React. We were impressed with how well it worked out and how well it looked with some basic modifications!

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