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A decentralized anonymous credit for crypto lending/borrowing, supported by address mining.

Anonymous Credit

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This project creates a missing part of DeFi applications: non-collateral lending and borrowing. The users can borrow crypto assets only by their anonymous credits. The project contains two major protocols:

First, the simple credit protocol we have built in this project is called Markovian Chain Credit. The credit and interest rate for each time of borrow is updated based on the previous borrow. If pay off in time, the credit will increase, and the interest rate is halved every 8 times. If default, no further borrow is allowed.

Second, the credit system should come with the identity that is valuable and scarce. Our innovative solution is Address mining protocol. Everyone has to use their computation power to create a valid address, which is a total decentralized and fair credit, by honoring Bitcoin. The mining rule is similar, a valid new address in 10 minutes and the hashing difficulty is adjusted every 2 weeks.

Finally, we integration cross chain BTC for borrowing, aka cBTC, a decentralized mapped ERC20 BTC issued by HBTC Chain. Also we integrate Chainlink to use the price feed to calculate the amount of cBTC one can borrow, as the credit line is in $1 unit.

How it's Made

Smart contracts: Open zeppelin for ERC20 and Ownerable, chainlink for price feed.

Web: web3 and metamask, vue for frontend

Command line miner: json rpc, infura

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