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Keep the information of the people you meet, all in one place, on chain!


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ Worldcoin — Pool Prize


🃏 Lit — Wildcard

Project Description

Think about this scenario, you are at a hackathon meeting a lot of people which you want to connect with.

How do you keep in touch?

Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram..? The list goes on.

Now your stuck with a bunch of usernames and contacts, you simply don't remember who's who.

With AnoniCard you can put this in the past. Keep all of the people you meet in one place, fully decentralised, fully private with no data being collected about you or the people you meet.

Create your business card in minutes. Create a Noun-avatar (randomly generated Noun character) made for Anons!

Write a short description about yourself, connect your Discord or even share your job title. All this information will be encrypted and only viewable by the people you send your card to.

With our simplistic UI sharing your business card is a QR code scan away.

Once you receive an AnoniCard, write down a memo and fill out the place you met the person to help you remember in the future.

How it's Made

The frontend is built using Next.js, Tailwind and Chakra UI. We have deployed our contract on Polygon. We chose Polygon for its reliability and low fees. We index all of our NFT contracts using Airstack, as we found this to be the most intuitive and developer-friendly way to index on Polygon. NFT metadata encryption is done on Lit Protocol. This will also assure the encrypted metadata can only be decrypted by the NFT owner. Also, we implemented discord API, so that anyone can write down random discord usernames as theirs. Last but not least, we decided to use Worldcoin to prevent spam accounts from creating fake business cards. This way everyone can make sure that the business cards are created by "REAL HUMAN" even without having the real name on the Business card!

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