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Anomity is a tool built on top of lens protocol which allows users to speak anonymously, without any trace of their identity or even wallet address.


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

This project showcases the emerging synergies and amazing composability of cutting-edge cryptography with decentralized social media.

With Anomity, we can now encrypt and decrypt social media posts easily and without centralized intermediaries.

No one needs to know your message before it gets decrypted keeping you and your data safe.

The possibilities are endless. From whistleblowers, and predictions, to directional trades encryption makes sure your input is safe and hidden.

The current version of Anomity works on encrypting posts for a certain time but many other decryption conditions can be used like crypto prices, and real-life events using oracles.

How it's Made

This project uses the power of cryptography to implement brand-new anonymity oriented use-cases on top of lens protocol. In current version users can publish anonymous post on lens protocol. To prevent censorship we are using time-base encryption and decryption using medusa network. Users write their content on our frontend and we will predict the IPFS hash of the message that is going to be posted. At the same time we will encrypt the message using medusa time-based encryption. After the time arrives the decryption key will be published to public and everyone can upload the actual message to the IPFS and it'll appear on lens api.

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