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AniMATE is a decentralised anime streaming platform that uses zero-knowledge proof for age verification and rewards users with an NFT, allowing them to upload and watch anime content.


Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


📜 Scroll — Just Deploy


🔐 Livepeer — Best Token-Gated Video


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


🃏 FVM — Wild Card


🥉 zkBob — Best Use

Project Description

The project is focused on creating a decentralised platform for anime streaming that caters to the needs of all anime fans. While most anime content is accessible to everyone, some content is adult-only, and the platform provides a solution to verify the age of users who are interested in watching adult anime without compromising their identity.

AniMATE provides a straightforward solution to age verification by allowing users to connect their wallets and upload their ID. The platform then uses zero-knowledge proof to verify whether the user is 18+ without storing or revealing any personal information. Once verified, the user is rewarded with an NFT, which acts as a verification for future access to adult content on the platform.

AniMATE not only ensures that users are of the correct age, but it also provides a direct connection between anime creators and their audience. The platform removes middle parties from the equation and rewards creators for their content. Overall, AniMATE creates a safe, secure, and rewarding experience for anime fans and creators alike.

How it's Made

AniMATE verifies the user's age through Zero Knowledge proof and rewards them with an NFT as proof of verification. The NFT contract is deployed on several blockchain networks, including Polygon, Celo, Taiko, FVM, and Scroll. Livepeer is used for creators to create or stream anime content, while Airstack is used to obtain NFTs from the blockchain. Lit Protocol is used to Token gate premium Anime Videos, and ZkBob is used to enable direct deposit functionality in the KYC process.

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