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Multiplayer social deduction game on unity (like Murder in the dark) + MUD


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Autonomous Worlds

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🥈 Optimism — Mod the Stack

Project Description

This project is a party game were you can play with your friends across the network. We wanted to enable groups of friends to play online games in a very lightweight way and do it persistently. We also want to allow users to be able to build mini-games and apps on top of it like MudSwap etc

How it's Made

Initially we started with the Final-2 branch of the Tanks MUD tutorial, modded it to create the Murder in the dark game from scratch, and then added Optimism and IPFS integration. The backend uses Solidity, Foundry. The front-end & game client uses React & Unity. We also implemented field of view and lighting system and there's also a provision for auto-generated maps. We’re also working on syncing the animation, the kill and the reporting functionality on-chain as well as a chat system that allows you to chat with your friends online which is one of the key elements that makes a social game really enjoyable to play.

And to reward players, we are also working on building MudSwap that provides users incentives while playing the game or when they win a quest, this allows them to receive in-game tokens which they can swap anytime.

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