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Altima Cards

Altima Cards is a super addictive strategic NFT trading card game on the Polygon blockchain.

Altima Cards

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Road to Web3

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🎮 Polygon - Best Gaming Dapp

Project Description

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Our entry for ETHGlobal’s Road to Web3 Hackathon is the game of Altima Cards — a super addictive strategic play-to-earn NFT trading card game! It is a collection of 50,000 cards that can be minted on our website, and can be sold in secondary marketplaces like OpenSea! We use the Moralis SDK to connect with our smart contract on the Polygon blockchain.

This is how you play:

The 4x4 set of tiles you see in the middle is called the battlefield. The cards at the bottom are your cards, and the ones on top are your opponents. You and your opponent take turns playing cards in the battlefield. Sometimes you get to go first, sometimes your opponent gets to go.

The goal of the game is to get as many of the cards turned blue as possible.

Sometimes grey tiles appear on the battlefield at the start of the battle. These are called the void tiles. Both you and your opponent cannot place cards over these tiles.

Each card has the following 5 traits: agility arrows, attack type, attack power, sword defense power and magic defense power.

Agility arrows determine which sides a card can attack or defend in. A card can be defenseless if the attacking card targets a vulnerable side. If an attacking and a defending card have facing arrows, they enter a battle. The attacking card’s attack type and power will target the respective defending card’s defense power.

Be careful with card battles. The losing card flips and does a combo with the same-colored cards that its arrows are pointing to.

Are you excited to play? Then go to our website and start minting on the Mumbai Testnet! You can also purchase Altima cards from OpenSea. Hope to duel you soon! Altima on!

How it's Made

We're using the React, with the Moralis SDK on the Polygon blockchain, to create the project. Files hosted directly in GitHub and served on GitHub Pages.

Moralis helped us so much with communicating with our smart contract through their SDK. Besides that, we also get to have a dashboard right off the box that let's us have a bird's eye view of how our players are interacting with the smart contract.

I'm so glad we used Polygon as our blockchain network. It's such a breath of fresh air from the abysmal gas fess from other networks.

With the help of these technologies, we were able to accomplish a lot of things given our limited resources and time. We managed to deploy the smart contract on Mumbai, have users mint their NFTs on our GitHub-Pages-hosted website, let them see the NFTs in OpenSea to sell and buy more, and use them as actual cards on our game!

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