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ally is a SAAS tool that creates an AI agent for your Web3 ecosystem

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🏊 Worldcoin β€” Pool Prize


πŸ€– Mode β€” Best Use of AI


πŸ₯‡ Covalent β€” Best Use

Project Description

How might we get AI from a generative phase to an AGENTIC phase?

We bring a SAAS tool which creates an AI agent for any web3 ecosystem in under 3 easy steps.

Imagine the end users of web3 using this agent to do :

  • Send money πŸ€‘
  • Buy a NFT 🀩
  • Generate a NFT
  • Set reminders to send money, keep an eye on NFT drops and more πŸ˜‰

But wait, it doesn’t end here, We also have DEV MODE. In Dev mode, users are able to :

  • Deploy smart contract 😳
  • Use the interactive user manual 😚
  • Stay connected to the community of the ecosystem and more.

One of the most important thing is the ability to switch ecosystem. Under one click, the user can use the agent of all the ecosystem who have configured an AI agent with us.

The main idea of "ally" is to make general templates that can be used for any and all Web3 ecosystems. The template making happens in 3 easy steps :

  • Choose templates ( Buy NFT, Deploy contract, User guides are among some of them, these templates are apart from the text output that the AI can generate about the ecosystem)

  • Tell us about your company - This is where the business/project tells us about their name and link, they give us their logo to be put on all templates and also import the theme. We make sure to embody the visual language to give users a complete experience)

  • Customise the templates - The business approves of the steps they want to show, prompts that will present the certain template, smart contract address and more.

  • Attest the templates made by you (they are yours right!)

  • Pay for the templates!

The most crucial focus of ALLY is to get Web3 closer to mass adoption. This trustworthy, omnichannel AI agent can perform most tasks for the end users. Leveraging two very strong technologies can transform the benchmark of user experience in Web3. Soon, "ally" agents could also be used as browser extensions.

There are various challenges for us too, as we launch 'ALLY' for early business. The UX is most crucial, we have made keeping in mind, scalability, easy migration between ecosystems and above all user-friendliness. The templates find a sweet spot between taking and giving control to the user.

The AI agent can be asked anything, about the ecosystem of course and it would provide the solution in the most interactive and interesting manner for the user.

We present you the MVP of ALLY, let's do this!

How it's Made

"Ally" is a sophisticated web application crafted on the NextJs framework.

For authentication and ensuring genuine user interactions, we integrated Worldcoin functionalities, specifically the "Sign in with World Coin" and IDKit, giving us the advantage of a bot-resistant platform. The implementation of EAS guarantees the attestation of templates upon creation. This ensures users can confidently identify the originator of any given template. Covalent serves as our primary data bridge, fetching crucial on-chain details about NFTs, associated wallets, and transactions. Our NFTs and collections are minted using Zora. Beyond minting, we also utilize Zora's API to extract comprehensive data about these assets. Our application's AI-driven interactions, particularly with the agent, are powered by OpenAI functions, including ChatGPT. For seamless blockchain interactions and deployment, the Thirdweb SDK and API are our tools of choice. Web scraping and data extraction tasks are carried out with the combination of Puppeteer and Cheerio. In terms of network compatibility, our agent functions across multiple testnets, including Optimism Goerli, Base Goerli, Zora testnet, and Mode testnet.

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