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Allowlist Builder

Generate an allowlist of users (with their wallets connected on Farcaster) from the likes or comments on a specific cast.

Allowlist Builder

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Project Description

This frame generates an allowlist of Farcaster-connected wallet addresses engaged with a specific cast based on 2 conditions: like or comment.

There are 3 steps of interacting with the frame:

  1. Choose an action: like or comment
  2. Text input: paste the link to the cast
  3. Download the list of wallets

The downloaded list of wallets could be easily uploaded to platforms like Zora or Highlight to set an allowlist for NFT mints.

How it's Made

Allowlist Builder is a Farcaster Frame. Anyone can create an allowlist from a cast in a few clicks from their Warpcast feed.

Frame input: link to the cast Frame output: list of eth addresses

It is made with frames.js framework. Neynar API and replicator DB are used to access Farcaster data, such as cast content, comments, and reactions (likes).

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