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All Hail Hades

A novel Gnosis SAFE module for blockchain-based inheritance, utilizing Lit Protocol encryption and automated verification of user activity. Ensures secure and timely transfer of signer rights upon prolonged inactivity, potentially indicating the user’s demise.

All Hail Hades

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🃏 Lit Protocol — Wild Card

Project Description

All Hail Hades is a SAFE module providing blockchain-based inheritance solutions. Using Lit Protocol, it encrypts user signatures to set inheritance conditions, including heir address and timeframe. In case of prolonged inactivity, it assumes user's demise, enabling heirs to claim signer rights securely. Searchers can monitor and execute wills, earning tips for their services. This ensures a transparent and automated inheritance process, revolutionizing estate planning on the blockchain.

How it's Made

We wrote a SAFE module in which you can set an heir, a timeframe (afer which you considered dead) and an optional tip (so searchers execute your will). We than sign this Will and encrypt the signature with Lit protocol, we use Lit actions to monitor the safe transaction API. If the user did not sign or execute anything in the given timeframe he is considered dead and lit will decrypt your signature. That signature than can be used by searchers / friends to execute your will.

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