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Make your own limited collectible crypto art using one of our digital artists.


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Project Description

AlgoPainter is a tool for generating unique and limited paintings using one of ours digital painters. When you request a piece of art to an AlgoPainter you need to specify how this work will be done using a set of parameters to create a unique painting.

Each AlgoPainter can be hired only 1000 times and each art, they will be incentive to charge more to get the work done. As a fresh start, they will ask you a small amount of ETH to cover expenses with digital ink and other digital resources. Still, with the works' advancement, they will feel valued and charge fair values for the splendid artistic works they will produce!

When the AlgoPainter gets retired, after delivering 1000 beautiful works, he will randomly gift 10% of his clients with new frames to decorate the piece of art, 1% will receiver a golden frame, and 9% will receive a silver frame.

Hire an AlgoPainter and collect unique digital paintings!

How it's Made

This project uses a backend in Node.js to generate the digital paintings and validate the request to avoid mint an invalid NFT, and the DApp was written in Vuejs using Vuetify framework. The images and other information are stored in IPFS and pinned by Pinata Cloud. The smart contract uses the ERC-721 pattern and the base code from OpenZeppeling.

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