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Honest airdrops as a service - stop Sybils and bad actors from ruining new protocol launches!


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ETHGlobal Sydney

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Worldcoin - Pool Prize

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Project Description

Airdroppify exists to filter bad actors from airdrops, allowing for better incentivised launches for tomorrow's protocols. Inspired by NounsDao to "Do Genuine Good" - this project was born to help tomorrow's projects launch better.

Airdroppify is an airdrop ecosystem that consists of two types of users. The airdrop creator and the airdrop claimer.

The airdrop creator (it could be a protocol, exchange, foundation, whale, etc.) connects their wallet to Airdroppify to create an airdrop campaign (similar to how businesses today setup a Facebook ads account, etc.). They deposit the funds they want to commit for the campaign, and information about the campaign. These funds can be deposited through any form of crypto (Chainlink CCIP is used to convert these tokens so that protocols don't have to deploy on new chains, but can still gain the network effects), or via fiat using Unlimit Crypto (fiat is converted to crypto and sent to the user's wallet address).

On the other hand, airdrop claimers can now organically discover new protocols to use and commit to. The claimer can connect any web3 wallet (powered by WalletConnect) to Airdroppify. In order to claim any airdrop, the claimer must verify their ID via Worldcoin's ID kit. This ensures they are not a Sybil, and ensures they are not farming the airdrop through multiple addresses. Over time, this allows Airdroppify to locate high quality network users that can be referred to new projects that wish to launch. We believe the future of product companies is with supporting the core people.

How it's Made

Airdroppify is a hybrid dApp built on top of Meteorjs. With a hybrid backend that stores airdrop campaign data & claim transaction records in MongoDB, other data, such as airdrop proofs, claims and amount are stored on chain.

Chainlink CCIP is used in the deposit process of Airdroppify. Airdrop creators can deploy any token/fiat on any chain to still host airdrops. This allows the creator to leverage the network effects of other chains without the development overhead of deploying on a new chain.

Worldcoin's ID is used to verify claimers to ensure they are real humans and not Sybils. This stops airdrop farming scripts and allows for fairer launches for new protocols. In the future, vesting airdrops could be a feature deployed to slow immediate selling pressure of new tokens.

Airdroppify stores the 'proof of identity' from Worldcoin in the smart contract, which is deployed on Base Testnet, Mantle Testnet, Polygon Cardonia & Avail.

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