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AI Quest

Craft your own RPG universe and elevate your social gaming experience with your blockchain activities! AI Quest, a text-based RPG built on the Farcaster framework, offers an evolving adventure shaped by your on-chain and Farcaster interactions.

AI Quest

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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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Livepeer - Video ❤️ Frames 1st place

Project Description


AI Quest merges text-based RPGs with blockchain and AI to create unique experiences. Your social and blockchain activities directly influence the game's story and environment.


  • Dynamic Adventure: Your actions and interactions shape a unique dark fantasy world, offering a new journey every time.
  • Video NFTs: Transform your gameplay stories into Video NFTs, capturing memorable moments.
  • Social Gaming: The game mirrors your online life, changing scenarios and challenges based on your digital footprint.

Technical Highlights:

  • Open Standards: Uses Frames.js for seamless integration within the open frame ecosystem.
  • Data Analysis: Leverages Airstack and Pinata for in-depth interaction tracking.
  • Creative Content: Employs Livepeer and Base Sepolia for cutting-edge video creation and NFT minting.

How it's Made

  • Utilizes Frames.js to build a Farcaster Frame, ensuring compatibility with the open frame standard.
  • Utilizes Airstack to access Farcaster and on-chain activity data through OnchainKit. This data determines the types of enemies based on the count of followers and followed accounts.
  • Utilizes Pinata analytics to send and receive data regarding user interactions with the frame. The data is employed to assess difficulty levels. The difficulty increases with more user interactions within a 30-minute timeframe.
  • Utilizes Livepeer for video generation and uploading.
  • Utilizes Base Sepolia for NFT minting with generated content.
  • Utilizes OpenAI API for the creation of text and images, dynamically changing content based on user interaction and activity from Farcaster and the blockchain.
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