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Adventure Runner

A traditional runner and level based game with kick of web3. Start testing your skills in weekly challenges to earn chunks of coins.

Adventure Runner

Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


WalletConnect - Best integration of the Web3Modal Mobile SDKS 2nd Place


Curvegrid - The Curvegrid Prize 1st Place


Arbitrum - Pool Prize

Prize Pool

Project Description

Problem Statement Traditional games often struggle to provide compelling incentives for players, despite the significant time investment many gamers make; unfortunately, only a select few end up receiving meaningful rewards in return.

Solution We've embarked on this journey to redefine the gaming experience, ensuring that every move, every challenge conquered, and every coin collected is not just a virtual triumph but a rewarding one.

Key Features

  • Easier web 2.5x on-boarding for non web3 people
  • Incentivize gaming mechanism for the gamer to showcase their skills and earn rewards
  • Good tokennomics so everyone gets reward for playing the game
  • NFT Use-cases with the help of ERC6551

How it's Made

The game uses CurveGrid HSM module to enable users to easily onboard the non web3 users to the game, where everything is abstracted out. We also use HSM module to operate the weekly challenges submission so only operator can submit the scores. Along with HSM module, we have used MultiBaas to manage our contracts and use it in our clients using REST APIs.

For the weekly challenge, we use Chainlink schedulers to automate the smart contract and distribute the pool prizes to the higher scorer and send remaining to our treasury.

The game is built with Flutter, and can support upto 7 different platforms. We have used the Flame engine underneath to build our game. For the existing pro web3 users, who have knowledge in web3, we have given an option for them to connect their preferred wallets with the game and proceed with the in game transactions.

For PFP we have used ERC6551 to have better use-cases of NFTS.

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