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Dynamic, versatile, nostalgic - enjoy this fresh new adventure integrated into Web3 social!!!


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Project Description

A maze, special items, an easter egg (to celebrate this title that held the first known). Flip back the years, as entertainment transitions from console to phone and pushes the boundaries of social within Farcasters extensions to the OG protocol.

The projects about exploring dynamic frames and limits with Farcaster, creating something attractive and compelling to social users and adding gamification to build camaraderie, virility and competitiveness.

Loads more that can be added to this, just the beginning!!!

How it's Made

I used react, jsx, nextjs, nodejs, frames.js for the FE experience and base for the completion NFT mint. Made some wrong moves along the way, had to overcome issues with TS typings which wouldn't let me build because I have more than 4 buttons although they were conditional. Refactor fixes that. Also spend time frames.js/next/server which didn't support passing params too well so late into proj pivoted to use frames.js/next. Need to catch up with dave to understand the nuances of this.

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