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Incubated by Durian DAO, Artificial DeGenerate Intelligence is an AI assistant on Telegram that streamlines the process of generating, refining, and posting proposals for DAOs.


Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description

For discerning members of DAOs who prioritize enhancing the proposal process, ADGI presents itself as an indispensable solution. ADGI adeptly streamlines the arduous task of idea collection, solution refinement, and proposal posting. Diverging from conventional AI tools, ADGI simplifies on-chain intricacies by operating on Libertai, a decentralized, privacy-centric infrastructure. Our offering serves as a catalyst for decision-making within DAOs, cultivating a resilient DAO ethos by empowering the generation of innovative ideas while ensuring expedited decision-making and upholding data privacy. ADGI stands as a testament to innovation, incubated by Durian DAO to address the common good within DAO ecosystems.

How it's Made

We integrated with Chainlink so that the AI oracle can consume the summary of the Telegram conversation transcript and generate a proposal accordingly for the DAO members. By automating the summarization of discussions and proposal generation, it streamlines decision-making processes within DAOs, fostering efficiency and transparency. This not only simplifies DAO management but also empowers members to focus on meaningful contributions and collaboration rather than administrative tasks.

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