AddrList allows anyone to maintain a list of addresses for use in smart contracts. It is a mechanism for delegating trust.


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Project Description

Crypto is trustless technology. This doesn't mean you should trust nobody, but that you can choose who to trust. In a trustless world, we are responsible for self-assessing malicious vs safe addresses before interaction.

AddrList allows anyone to maintain a list of addresses for use in smart contracts. This simple but powerful tool allows for delegated trust. It can be used for tracking malicious protocols, trusted tokens, known scammers, verified identities, or anything else. This simplifies safe smart contract interactions as you can choose any third party to verify the validity of the addresses you are interacting with.

A few example use cases may be:

  • A smart contract wallet that can use an AddrList to block (or warn) users from utilizing unverified DeFi protocols or purchasing suspicious tokens. The wallet could even allow users to self-select their AddrList.
  • A protocol can use an AddrList managed by a regulatory entity to implement decentralized KYC/AML.
  • A wallet granted by a business to an employee or contractor can limit the web3 application that the employee is able to access.

We believe the future will be built on trustless technology. Trustless technology doesn’t mean you trust nobody. It means you have a choice. You can trust everybody, nobody, or anything in between. AddrList allows safer interaction by creating a marketplace for trust. AddrList is built to maximize choice.

How it's Made

Our contract is written in Solidity using Truffle as a development framework with Javascript testing.

We're planning on deploying to Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, potentially other L2s, as well as maybe L1.

We also plan on building a front end, likely in React or using

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