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AcceptEth is the turn-key way to accept crypto payments. Provide your wallet addresses and we create a beautiful payment or donation experience.


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Project Description

This project is a public service. Too many non-profits are attempting to accept crypto donations via a raw-text paste of their wallet addresses. With all the positive things they could do with the money, it's a shame that their UI and design are stopping them from capturing as many donations.

Take for instance. They accept six different cryptocurrencies, which are all a raw-text dump on their web-page. There is so much room for error when copy-pasting and it's not even mobile-accessible!

I built AcceptEth as a way to create a beautiful and secure payment experience for people who want to be a custody of their own funds!

How it's Made

I hacked this together using NextJS from Vercel. This is a frame-work for server-side-rendered React apps which creates a MUCH faster page load because the first render is done on the server at build-time.

In addition, I'm making use of Vercel's Server platform to host the web-app. I build the landing page with to create a professional, startup-like UI.

I made sure the SEO was solid already via Twitter's Card validator.

I'm hoping to continue this project by allowing the end-recipient to accept ALL ERC-20's via an auto swapping smart contract. This way the end non-profit can receive ether without ever needing to worry about $MEME, $sushi, and the rest of our favorite tokens.

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