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An automation module to enable limit orders and scheduled strategies for DeFi


Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

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📜 Scroll — Just Deploy


🛠 Uniswap Foundation — Developer Tooling Track


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


🏆 ETHGlobal Tokyo Finalist

Project Description

We have created an automation module for any account abstraction or EOA wallet to be able to create limit orders from any token on any source chain to another token on any destination chain across EVM.

Key Features we kept in mind while building the product -

  1. Trustless - AbswapX is a smart contract module, meaning it is completely decentralized, composable, and operates on a trustless system.

  2. Cross-chain - AbswapX can be deployed on any EVM-compatible chain, making it possible for users to trade across multiple chains.

  3. Automation - AbswapX leverages Gelato Network to automate the execution of limit orders. This means that once a user creates a limit order, they no longer need to actively monitor the market to execute the trade.

  4. Composable - AbswapX can be easily integrated into other DeFi protocols, enabling composability and allowing developers to create more complex trading strategies.

The module is truly composable and trustless any developer can build on top of it to enable cross-chain DeFi automation across any EVM chain of their preference by choosing the protocols they want to interact with.

How it's Made

AbswapX is deployed on Gnosis Chain and Polygon Chain. While on the testnet, we are deployed on Goerli, Mumbai, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, ScrollzK, Taiko and Mantle.

  1. When a user creates a limit order, they specify the token pair they want to trade, the price they want to buy or sell at, and the amount of tokens they want to trade.
  2. The limit order is then added to the AbswapX order book. We leverage Gelato Network to create a proxy task with call data as per the limit order specified by the user's EOA or account abstraction.
  3. When the price of the token pair reaches the user's specified price, the Gelato Network executes the trade automatically. The user's tokens are then swapped for the desired tokens at the specified price.

For swaps on the Gnosis chain, we use Honeyswap V2 Router For swaps on the Polygon chain, we use Uniswap V3 Router For swaps across these chains, we use Connext Protocol to bridge the liquidity and call data from the source chain and execute it on the destination chain

Anyone can create limit orders and DCAs across tokens across Gnosis and Polygon by using the product from the frontend as well.

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