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Grow your trusted credit line. Build your plan, make payments, expend and grow your credit line.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Abonero is the first EDEFI(Educational Decentralized Financial) platform intended to create a savings culture and a data stream to build credit score.

Abonero is a platform to build a credit line, it is all about making your payments on time and pay your interest rate. The main difference with a centralized entity is that all the interest you pay is added to your credit line, so you will see your credit line increase.

In the future you will be able to use Abonero to make payments in Jumpseller stores, uniswap, etc. and since all the information is in the blockchain it is verifiable. This will enable centralized and decentralized entities to build their own Scoring implementation based on Abonero data and provide loans at better interest rate, this without revealing the person identity.

Do you want to continue paying to build a Credit Line?

How it's Made

I wanted to create a credit history, so get inspired by Aboneros but wanted to be able to share the information.

When you ask for Credit Score, you don't ask how much money you have in credit or your expenses, it is all about your payments. I wanted to create that experience so I design the algorithm to do that in the blockchain, now you have the same experience but you don't pay a penny to the centralized bank.

All is calculated by the Smart Contract using pure functions, I wanted to have the real values in chain and at the moment of planning. To create the Scoring and keep track of transactions The Graph is doing a great job.

I decided to use scaffold-eth for development, it is an amazing tool and added rechart for visualizations.

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