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Demystifying account abstraction – Get ya wallet, all you need is a fingerprint or a face and get access to true Account Abstraction ERC 4337. Enables you to automate complex actions based on triggers and conditions in a safe way by remaining in custody.


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Scroll - Deploy on Scroll

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UNLIMIT - Best use of Unlimit 1st Place


Aave Grants DAO - Best Aave DAO tooling 1st Place

Project Description

The freshest way to get started with smart accounts ERC 4337. Complicated actions simply and securely guarded by code!

AAtomato aims to make sense of account abstraction and highlight its full power! This project shows the ease of setting up your wallet, and then charging it to seamlessly create triggers and actions in an automated workflow style!

+Create a wallet, deploy ERC4337 +Set workflow trigger & conditions +Set workflow action = enjoy your new smart account life!

Create your wallet by using biometric authentication via Turnkey, and with a click of a button deploy your smart account ERC4337 where you’re in custody and able to set parameters. Now you’re able to set up your workflow!

Time to design your triggers and conditions, e.g. on tokens received (erc20 / erc721) where only imagination sets the limit. In the future, it could be any arbitrary condition both on and offchain, i.e. a Subgraph, Oracle, or API. An example could be: When my smart account receives 0.1 ETH when on ramped via Unlimit and the ETH price is above 2500$ mint an NFT on Base, and when the steps are finished you’ll receive a confirmation via Push or a text message.

We want to push the boundaries for account abstraction by utilizing the best way to introduce new users to the space! -Secure -Flexible -In your custody

While improving developer experience with a tool to make them spin up AA, signer, and paymasters faster. We’ve seen the first step with AA, but we need to build it out properly to find the best use cases!

Check it out live!

How it's Made

We build out the “Create account” part using we use Turnkey to generate a signer wallet for the smart account with biometric authentication. The smart account is thereafter deployed using Pimlico paymaster with Permisionless.js

We also created our own smart account extension starting building on session to make the UX even better for the flow so the user only needs to sign 1 transaction, the future of DeFI!

We then build out the workflow, that contains a trigger, condition, and a user operation that we’re pre-signing the user operations using face-id. When a workflow is created we set up offchain listeners with Alchemy webhooks when the “trigger” matches for example “On token receive” 0.1 ETH to the smart account. When it matches we trigger steps using inngest to sequentially execute each of the “actions” both onchain and offchain. When it’s offchain we take the pre-signed user operation and execute it using a paymaster to sponsor.

We’ve deployed test contracts and our custom smart accounts on these 4 chains: Linea Goerli Base Goerli Scroll Sepolia Goerli

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