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Wallet for your ERC-6551 Accounts. Log-in to dapps as your ERC-6551 accounts.

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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Allows you to log-in to dapps as your preferred ERC-6551 compatible smart wallet and enables the users to transact the assets held by the token-bound accounts as easily as possible.

Right now ERC-6551 space is pretty new, and there's not an easy way to use your smart contract account as easily as an EOA. Only way currently is to directly call the function on Etherscan.

That's why I built this wallet to improve the UX and increase the standard's adoption.

How it's Made

We use WalletConnect SDK to allow connecting to other dapps as a Wallet. For the UI next.js along with Wagmi, Rainbowkit, and Chakra were used.

Utilized the token-bound SDK to modify the calldata generated by the dapp, and make it executable by the ERC-6551 account.

Used events to communicate between the dapp and the wallet.

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