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POC on Account Abstraction x SUAVE project by Flashbots (MEV)


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ETHGlobal London

Project Description

In ERC-4337’s UserOps pools, and Flashbot’s SUAVE architecture, the common thing to find is that they are all trying to figure out how to let users submit data that’s not yet a transaction, into a common pool for anybody to resolve into valid transactions.

Intents are hard to decentralize but by combining 4337 userops with Flashbot’s SUAVE architecture we can build a permissionless system. SUAVE’s greatest strength is its ability to act as an AA Bundler, Paymaster, and meta Smart Wallet in a way that is trustless, decentralized, and gas-efficient.

Replacing the middlemen and trusted relays of the 4337 space with suApps will allow for significantly greater value retention for Users and dApps.

This is a POC (& half baked code) for the implementation of UserOps to Flashbot's SUAVE & submitting that bundle to Ethereum or any other L1.

How it's Made

The idea here is for users to submit his intent - the userop to the Suave Chain, then Bundler which is SuApp creates a bundle with the userOps & calls handles userops, signs the transaction with the signing key in Suave's confidential storage & eventually Submits the Bundle or the block where the bundle is included to the L1 blockchain.

I have used uni-v2-intent suave example to modify the bits to make it 4337 compatible but there is still of work to be done. Contracts are written in Solidity. You can checkout userop-4337 example in the suapp example repo

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